Freedom³ PRW and EWW³+ FWEPL TA: the real time tightening for on line production

Blog post on 22/12/2014

SCS Concept presents two electronic
wrenches for assembly stations designed to work in real time as an assembly tool on production line: Freedom³ PRW (wireless) and EWW³+ FWEPL TA (wired).

The wireless electronic wrenches Freedom3 PRW are used combined with a PC that manages VPG software for tightening
and guides the operator by pictures.
It is also possible to work connected to a customer software, through FIM module and “DLL” open protocol.
A typical application of Freedom³ PRW mode is the wheel alignment.

A strengh feature of this tool is the automatic detection of the right position of the operator. This system increases the quality of the production  thanks to the 100% traceability and the guarantee of the correct sequence tightening.

The alternative solution is by wire using EWW³+ FWEPL TA.

Freedom³ PRW and EWW³ + FWEPL TA confirm the SCS Concept care to satisfy all customer needs.


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