SCS Concept at the Automotive Engineering Show in Pune

Blog post on 11/05/2014

Chiave dinamometrica-elettronica Freedom3

SCS Concept, that boasts a sales network which covers the whole of Europe, South and Central America, South Africa, China and Taiwan, is extending its commercial presence in India.
From 29th to 31st, May 2014, the company flied to Pune for the Automotive Engineering Show.
This international exhibition covered all aspects of the manufacturing chain such as: IT solutions in design, development, planning and manufacturing, Automation systems, Factory control and sensors, Specialised solutions in welding including laser welding, Automotive painting equipment, paintshop integrators, Robotics, Metrology, quality inspection & vision system.
SCS Concept caught this opportunity to expand in India its products and to access an audience seeking its solutions: it exhibited its products in collaboration with Micromeasures Metrology, Indian company that offers complete line of power tools and torque measurement systems. 
In the Automotive Engineering Show SCS Concept promoted Freedom3, the best performing and flexible torque/angle wrench on the market.

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