SCS Concept Micro Bench:
Micro Solution for Macro Performances

Blog post on 22/12/2014

The SCS Concept Micro Bench is the dynamic test bench perfect for testing and  controlling wrenches and power-tools. It has several strengths:

-its small size semplifies the user’s work: it can be positioned next to the production line.
-it has a monitor touch screen
-it has a 8 GB memory
-it is light and easy to drive
– it is possible to connect  transducers thanks to the wireless technology
-it is also available with WiFi radio module to be programmed remotely from SQnet.
-it assures 16 hours of continuous work thanks to the 12V and internal rechargeable battery.

Microbench – Banco con trasduttori statici in formato ridotto

The Micro Bench assures high quality performances: it is the result of the SCS experience gained through constant research in the field of torque measuring instruments.

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