SCS Concept Torque and Torque&Angle transducers: quality assurance in tightening

Blog post on 22/12/2014

The perfect control of all type of powertools is assured by the SCS Concept Torque and Torque&Angle transducers. This kind of transducers can be connected to SCS DataTouch3 or EasyTouch to a standard laptop. They are available with internal memory for automatical recognition.The connection can be done by blue-tooth communication or via radio, and soon a wifi 2,4 – 5 GHz will be available.

There are several models of SCS Concept transducers:

-the RMCTA Torque & Angle Rotary transducer
-the RMC Torque Rotary transducer
-the SMC Torque Static transducer
-the SMCI Torque Static transducer

In particular, the SCS model is supplied with a square drive and the SMCI model is supplied with a special ring nut for impulsing tool test correctly. Thanks to these products, SCS Concept assures the costumer the highest quality in the tightening


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