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Laboratorio mobile certificazione coppia angolo

NUOVO LABORATORIO MOBILE ACCREDITATO Nell’ambito dell’attività di sviluppo di strumenti di misura, siamo in grado di proporre il primo laboratorio metrologico mobile accreditato al mondo. SCS Concept ha infatti intrapreso una collaborazione con la società tedesca Q-Direct GmbH & Co. … Continua a leggere

Special Project: Quality Control. The Freedom3-SPC wrench is improved by the new Wi-Sync function

Blog post on 05/06/2015 The Freedom 3 electronic wrench SPC mode (Quality Control) has a new function for routes and data synchronization. The Wi-Sync function allows the connection between the SQnet+ management software, installed on PC, and Freedom3 thanks to … Continua a leggere

Special Project: FTY bench for testing robotized nutrunners

Blog post on 05/05/2015 In april SCS Concept presented a FTY bench realized specially to satisfy the request of a German Automotive Manufacturer. Thanks to our R&D dept. SCS Concept meets specific requirements like the new tilting system, able to test robotized … Continua a leggere

Great success for MESTOOL and SCS Concept at WIN Fair – International Industrial Automation Fair

Blog post on 21/04/2015 MESTOOL, reached new potential customers (about hundred) from many different sectors at WIN Fair – International Industrial Automation Fair during 19 – 22 of March, 2015. We introduced SCS product launch to customers with  the contribution … Continua a leggere

Special Project: FTY, test benches with tilting system

Blog post on 27/03/2015 SCS Concept realized two FTY test benches with tilting system. The inclined plane of FTY is used where there is the need to test nutrunners that work horizontally and mounted on harms that can not be … Continua a leggere

Special Project: FTY and AWT palletized test benches

Blog post on 27/03/2015 An important Truck manufacturer required to SCS Concept, for one of its french plants, the possibility to carry by a transpallet a FTY test bench and an automatic AWT test bench. The request is due to … Continua a leggere

March 2015:the “Iberian Tour”

Blog post on 27/03/2015 In the first two weeks of March what was the France Road Show continued, becoming an “Iberian tour”. Starting from the Volkswagen plant in Portugal, the SCS Concept products were presetend to important manifacturing companies in … Continua a leggere

SCS Concept will fly in Turkey for the WIN Automation fair

Blog post on 19/03/2015 From Europe, that is the main destination in Turkish automotive foreign trade, SCS Concept will fly to to Instanbul for the WIN Automation fair. From the 19th to the 22nd of March the company will be present … Continua a leggere

February 2015: France Road Show

Blog post on 16/03/2015 From the 23rd to the 27th of February were visited seven French manufacturing companies, including PSA and Renault Truck Defense. The SCS Concept DEMO VAN was equipped with FTY, AWT and Rework benches; with Freedom3 wrenches with … Continua a leggere

Apex Tool Group TECH DAY in the VOLKSWAGEN plant in WOLFSBURG

Blog post on 09/03/2015 On the 25th-26th February took place in the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg the Tech Day event, dedicated to the products supplied by Apex Tool Group. The Tech Days are occasions, for technicians of the several VW … Continua a leggere

The “North American International Auto Show” in Detroit

Blog post on 17/02/2015 The visit to the Apex partner Tool Group was an opportunity to visit the NAIAS (North American International Automobile Show) that was held in those days in Detroit. It is one of the most exclusive, high … Continua a leggere

Apex chooses the SCS Concept FTY benches for its Global Service network centers

Blog post on 17/02/2015 Apex ToolGroup has decided to provide its Global Service network centers with the SCS Concept FTY calibration benches.A first set of five test-benches will provide the Service Center in Auburn Hills (Michigan), Shanghai (China) and Queretaro (Mexico). For … Continua a leggere

VPG+, training session in Apex

Blog post on 17/02/2015 It was held at the Apex facility in Auburn Hills, a training session about the software VPG +. “The SCS provided training class”- said Logan Killam, Apex Product Specialist for SCS Concept products – “gave APEX … Continua a leggere

Forecast on the Automotive Industry In Brazil

Blog post on 29/01/2015 An important German automotive manufacturer chose SCS Concept products for its Brazilian plant: more than 30 Freedom3 wrenches and SQnet + software for Quality Control. On the occasion of this important result reached thanks to our … Continua a leggere

Special Project:: SCS Concept and M.Shimizu achieved an important result in Brazil

Blog post on 28/01/2015 An excellent result has been achieved in Brazil. An important German automotive manufacturer chose SCS Concept products for its Brazilian plant. SCS Concept provided, through its Brazilian partner M. Shimizu, more than 30 Freedom3 wrenches, and SQnet + software … Continua a leggere

Open House at the SCS Concept facility in France

Blog post on 28/01/2015 It was held in the SCS Concept facility in Montbeliard, France, an Open House to present and give demonstration of the FTY, Multi Station Freedom and AWT benches. “We really believe in these products,” said Samuel … Continua a leggere

A new price list, the same prices

Blog post on 28/01/2015 The new year is started, and SCS Concept welcomes it with a renewal of its price list. It’s a great news the decision of the company to keep the prices unchanged compared to 2014. In this … Continua a leggere

SCS Concept France Road Show

Blog post on 28/01/2015 Between November and December 2014 a two weeks Road Show was held at some important French manufacturers. Renault, Smart and Airbus are only some of the company visited by the SCS Concept Demo Van, that carried … Continua a leggere

Microbench – Banco con trasduttori statici in formato ridotto

SCS Concept Micro Bench:
Micro Solution for Macro Performances

Blog post on 22/12/2014 The SCS Concept Micro Bench is the dynamic test bench perfect for testing and  controlling wrenches and power-tools. It has several strengths: -its small size semplifies the user’s work: it can be positioned next to the … Continua a leggere


SCS Concept Torque and Torque&Angle transducers: quality assurance in tightening

Blog post on 22/12/2014 The perfect control of all type of powertools is assured by the SCS Concept Torque and Torque&Angle transducers. This kind of transducers can be connected to SCS DataTouch3 or EasyTouch to a standard laptop. They are … Continua a leggere


DataTouch³: The perfect solution
for tool-tests and process-control

Blog post on 22/12/2014 SCS Concept presents the forerunner of a new generation of datacollectors: it’s the DataTouch³. This instrument can be connected via wireless to various types of SCS devices: rotary transducers, static transducers and torque/angle wrenches. These devices … Continua a leggere

FTY, a multifunctional and user friendly dynamic test bench

Blog post on 25/11/2014 FTY is the result of a process oriented to a continuous improvement in the field of measurement technology. SCS Concept realized this dynamic test bench combining quality and easiness. Thanks to FTY it’s possible to perform different types of … Continua a leggere