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Progetto Lettura Automatica dei Dati in M. Shimizu

Blog post on 21/05/2015 Frank Lobato, SCS Products Field Application Engineer in M. Shimizu (partner brasiliano di SCS Concept), ha annunciato la realizzazione, nello scorso aprile 2015, della soluzione di raccolta dati automatica nel secondo stabilimento GM denominato “GM-Gravataí- RS … Continua a leggere

Chiave dinamometrica elettronica SCS Easy

Check easily the tightening thanks to the SCS easy

Blog post on 22/12/2014 Easyness is the keyword that best characterizes one of the SCS Concept products for checking the tightening of the joint: it’s the SCS easy electronic dynamometric wrench. The incorporated gyroscope allows the determination of the breakaway … Continua a leggere

SCS Concept and Q-direct: a winning partnership

Blog post on 27/10/2014 A good cooperation between two companies is based on common values and objectives, and also on trust and reciprocal respect. Since 2007 the partnership SCS Concept–Q-direct grows, strengthens and ensures to costumers quality of services and … Continua a leggere

Debuts the SCS Concept Blog

Blog post on 03/10/2015 A blog is much more than a place for writing, it’s a space where communication is alive, it is a point of meeting with people. SCS Concept wants to be closer to its customers, involving them, through … Continua a leggere